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Our most common areas of snow removal service:

  • Stadium Bleachers Snow Removal
  • Loading and Hauling
  • Snow Removal
  • Snow Removal Baseball Tarp Sales

Baseball Tarps

Advanced Roofing Solutions also offers 40-mil reinforced PVC tarps or covers that are fully protected from UV and have mildew inhibitors incorporated within the material. This material is waterproof and will last considerably longer than other tarps on the market, making them ideal for baseball field applications. The membranes of our baseball tarps are comprised of a vinyl chloride polymer (PVC) based blend with a high-strength scrim material incorporated. The Tarps also feature a 14×18 ties-per-square-inch pattern, making it difficult for spikes to tear. Even if a tear should occur, weft tied material will not run like most tarps. 

Adding to the ease of use, there is no need for stakes, tires, or sandbags. The 1/4″ chain surrounding the perimeter of each baseball tarp will hold the material in place even in the strongest winds. Our baseball tarps or covers also have a built in roll-in/roll-out system welded within the tarp. This makes it significantly easier to get on and off the fields quickly. These tubes are comprised of 3″ PVC pipe with caps and carry cables on each end for easy transport and roll-out. At Advanced Roofing Solutions, our baseball tarps are custom made so you only pay for the material used. We will manufacture rectangular, square, circular, and any other shape required. 

Baseball Tarp Specifications: 

  • Material weight is .26 lbs. per square foot 
  • Chain weight is .78 lbs. per foot
  • Colors: White, Tan or Gray

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